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Erik Vodnik | Thanks again for the great memories


I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a wonderful day of fishing with my father. We were with you on Sunday 5/20/12 the storms rolled through and the temps fell about 30 degrees in an hour. Your reputation as a versatile fisherman is well deserved as you found something working even after all that weather (big gills on mighty mites on Little St.). I also want to say thank you for your patients. My father is more of a cast & retire a spinner kind of guy and even though he was having some difficulties with the plastics, sight fishing beds and a few loops in the line, you never lost your calm… even when he cast over that docked boat & caught a LMB! Thank you. I also wanted you to know that on the ride home to Illinois the next day my father said, “That Rob’s a great guy. Could you imagine having to fish with different people every day, with different weather and having to perform like that? I bet some days he’d just like to stay in.” Attached is my photo of his 21.5″ SMB. I can’t believe the size & the colors. Beautiful. I’d love to see the photo you took sometime.

Some day I hope to hook back up with you and maybe do some musky fishing or whatever you say is hitting at the time.

Thanks again for the great memories,

Eric Vodnik

Betty Wentland | Cross Country Cruisers

Rob, YOU KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!!! Your staff was absolutely phenomenal at the service and dinner. Everyone raved about the food, my husband said that was the best pork he’s ever eaten, ever!! My shrimp were exquisite! The chicken and ribs plates were huge portions. We were very very pleased and many members that had…Continue Reading

Greg S. Lewis | I had a blast!

Rob, Just wanted to thank you, and let you know I had a blast Tuesday. Learned a lot, quality fishing and as always interesting conversations with Bob around. Next year I will have a Vexilar-too cool. Is the transducer a 12 Degree Ice Ducer on yours? FYI-Someday I will learn to drive a truck in…Continue Reading