When it comes to fishing, my personal favorite is the musky. I also fish for walleyes and both large and smallmouth bass. I have been avidly chasing muskies seriously since I was about 17 years old. My name is Rob Manthei. I live to fish and hunt. Whether it is chasing the elusive whitetail or tangling with the mighty musky, I take the same pride and preparation to endure both. I started fishing when I was two years old, and hunted since I was able at twelve. I have fished the waters of Vilas, Onieda, and Iron counties, in Northen Wisconsin, all of my life.

 I am a strong believer in catch and release. All muskies, I feel should be released, and the larger female walleyes (which are the spawners) should be released too. There is nothing wrong with keeping a good mess of fish for a meal here and there. I love to eat fish too!!!

About your Fishing Trip

I provide equipment for all species of fish. The latest quality rods and reels are updated yearly in my boat. You will always have the use of the same equipment that I use day in and day out. I have two Mercury powered Lunds boats that are always rigged with safety in mind for you and myself. You are responsible for all bait costs.

Clients should bring along:

• Seasonally appropriate clothing
• Sun Screen
• Rain Gear
• Cameras
• Hat and Fishing Glasses
• Fishing License
• Food and drink for in the boat. I don’t pull off the water for lunch.  Alcohol and other drugs are not allowed.  You are here to fish, not to get drunk or stoned.   Show up with beer, take a hike down the road.   Stinky ass cigars aren't my cup of tea, either....burn my boat, you pay for it.

If you want a requested break off the water, it counts as fishing time. Fish cleaning is provided if you are staying at our resort, otherwise, if you want your catch cleaned and packaged, extra charges will be included.

Wisconsin Fishing Guide 2022 Rates

2022 Rates

Full day is $550.  8 Hours of fishing time.  This is for 1 or  2 people.

Half day is $350   This is a 5 hour trip that includes travel to lake and back.  This is for 1 or 2 people.  If fish cleaning is involved, it will be part of the 5 hours.

Fall Muskie trips are $600 a FULL day only. These are 10 hour days.  This includes suckers

Additional person(s) is $75 per person.  I will take sometimes up to 4 for crappies, bass, and walleyes. (these 4 person trips will only happen in May)

Muskie Trips are typically limited to 2 people, however exceptions are made sometimes



Seasonal Fishing

Preferred seasonal times to capitalize on success.  I choose these times because I believe they are the best times to be after said species.

Crappies: As soon as ice goes out in late April to then end of May   My boat limit is 10 person per person.  Nothing over 11" are kept

SM Bass: Mid May to Mid June

Walleyes: May to Mid June is my favorite.   I will be limited my guiding to May and first week of June for walleyes(personal choice), I do have other guides for that time frame.

Muskies: June to November ice up.  Peaks during Full and New Moon phases.  I will be changing my approach for 2022.   I am going to start spending more time on lower density, trophy potential waters.  This is for the seasoned musky nut, not the green horn.  If this is of interest to you, several days in a row are recommended.  If you are getting into the sport and want to learn, I suggest Spring to early Summer (June-July) for a starter trip.  Combination of casting and trolling techniques will be applied as I see fit.  As season progresses, the true fundamentals of musky fishing come into play.  Proper knowledge of how lures work, FIGURE 8's, and just overall good boat side maneuvers are super critical and need to be executed for success.

Ice fishing is a lottery draw only.  1-2 spots are available per season.  Chances at the lottery are $2500 per attempt.  This includes snow, ice, slush, and all the headaches of ice fishing.   So with this said, don't even ask to go, or how many fish you can keep.


Boat Rentals


2020 Bennington Fishing Pontoon with 60 HP Mercury Command Thrust 4-stroke

Equipped with all the fishing needs, graph, trolling motor, etc

$225 a day or $1000 per week 


2020 Montego Bay 22’ Pleasure pontoon with a 2020 90 HP Mercury Command Thrust

$225 a day or $1000 per week











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