Wisconsin Fishing Guide Rates

 2018 Rates

Full day is $450.  8 Hours of fishing time.  This is for 1 or  2 people.

Half day is $300   This is a 5 hour trip that includes travel to lake and back.  This is for 1 or 2 people.

Additional person(s) is $50 per person.  I will take sometimes up to 4 for crappies, bass, and walleyes.

Muskie Trips are limited to 3 max.


Preferred seasonal times to capitalize on success

Crappies: As soon as ice goes out in late April to then end of May

SM Bass:Mid May to Mid June

LGM Bass: May to July

Walleyes: May to Sept is all good.   I don’t guide walleyes after Sept 5th.

Muskies: June to November ice up.  Peaks during Full and New Moon phases.